First cosplay: Naruto (2003)

Most recent cosplay: Psiioniic (2012)

wow, the derpiness level has definitely not changed a bit

this is a fantastic meme!!

misa from death… note…… (2007)

jade harley from homestuck (2012) - relatively simple design. i…

hello world’s most humiliating meme………… i have been debating whether or not i actually wanted to do this because it is so embarrassing but i see that thia did it and then i was like FINE. FINE. I HAVE TO.

first cosplay: songstress… rikku…… from 2003……..

this photo has like never seen the light of day before and you would not believe how deep i dug into the internet to locate it………… hhahahaajhaha god

most recent (completed) cosplay: the disciple from 2012

i think the amount i have improved goes without saying here, HAHA… if i have not improved in almost 10 years (……….HOLY SHIT) of this hobby, there is no hope for me.

first cosplay, from 2004!

(fun fact- i sewed it with one of those hand sewing machines you use to mend little rips. it was obviously not made for using on an entire costume)

last (non-closet) cosplay, from 2010!

(i have no good pictures of this so here’s miku too)

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    First cosplay: Mello (2011) Most recent cosplay: Davesprite (2014)
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    wait omg char you have cosplayed as a girl omg guuuuuurl
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    First: Haruhi Suzumiya (2010) Recent: Eridan Ampora
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    First: Kaoru from host club Last: China from Hetalia
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    Oh God. Here we go. My first cosplay was Red from Super Smash Brothers. Hello sewing disaster. It was debuted at Acen in...
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    First Cosplay: Hiei from YYH (2006) Latest Cosplay: Taiwan from Hetalia and Chibimano from Hetalia (2012) Congrats self...
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    First cosplay: Mitsuru Kirijo - Persona 3 (2008) Most Recent: Uh, two, but they’re both Kyoko. Kyoko Sakura - Puella...
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    My First Cosplay: Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 As awful as it looks haha XD I actually had help from my sewing teacher...
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    don’t have any pictures of my first cosplay, but here is one of my most dated costumes; Trucy Wright [Apollo Justice]...
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    Oh lordy, in 2003, I was a “human” Chocobo and it was soooo bad :| I actually made my Weeping Angel (which I think is my...
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    First - Light Yagami from Death Note Most recent - Dave Strider from Homestuck Well my most recent isn’t a very...
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    first cosplay, from 2004! (fun fact- i sewed it with one of those hand sewing machines you use to mend little rips. it...
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    Late to this but the fuck ever. Rikku, AnimeFest 2006! Catherine, AnimeFest 2011 The only thing I made for my first...
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    Me in 2004… My mom made this for me lmfao. The white bias tape on the shirt was the first thing I ever sewed and the...
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    that I wasn’t a gross looking thing: Socal Spring Cosplay Gathering 2007: Gaara from Naruto. Mom
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    First and currently only cosupray. Shion from No.6 (october 2011)